Creating Links

  • Highlight the text you want to link. Please link text that describes the destination content.

  • Do not use phrases such as "click here" or "read more". 

  • Click the Link icon in the toolbar.

  • Hyperlink Button
  • In the URL field of the pop-up window, start typing the page title or the path of the page you want to link to. You will see a list of matching content. Click on the desired result in the list. Please choose your page carefully as some pages share similar names.

  • Typing or pasting in the path of the page you want to link to (e.g., /jdadmissions/pagename) will return the exact page. Click on the page in the results list instead of leaving the path in the URL field.

  • Be sure to test your link after you publish the page.

  • Add Link
  • When you select your page, you will see the node reference (e.g., /node/12345) showing in the URL field. This is OK. It will show correctly as the full URL to site visitors.

  • If you cannot find your page by typing in the name, add the link using the directory path to the page (e.g., /jdadmissions/pagename) but do not include the domain ( Please be sure to include the / at the beginning of the path.

  • For links to other NYU Law websites or to external sites use the the full URL of the destination page, e.g.,

  • If you want a link to an email address, use “” in the URL field making sure to include “mailto:” before the persons email.

  • Using MailTo: when linking to an email address
  • Once this has been done, click Save in the Add Link pop-up window

  • A link will now be inserted into your text. Please remember to scroll down to the bottom of your page and click Save.