Email Whitelist

Communications from NYU and the School of Law are assured to reach your NYUHome account. However, if you forward your NYUHome account to an external email provider, you will want to ensure that emails can arrive from both NYU and NYU Law School. The same applies if you use a 3rd party email program to read your NYUHome account, such as Outlook. Emails from NYU should be from ‘’ and emails from the Law School should come from ‘’ or ‘’.

In order to whitelist emails from all these locations, you can usually specify a domain that these emails come from, and mark them as a Safe Sender, or similar. In this case, the domain would be ‘’,, or

Both email providers and programs use these principles, but may accomplish white-listing differently. Here are instructions for a few popular email providers to help set this up:


  1. Go to the Tools>Options menu
  2. Select the Preferences tab, click Junk E-mail.
  3. On the Safe Senders tab, click Add.
  4. In the Add address, enter
  5. Click OK.
  6. Repeat 4&5 for and


  1. From the top of your Gmail page, click the link to ‘Create a filter’
  2. In the ‘From’ field, type [do not add or Gmail will interpret them all as]
  3. Click ‘Next Step’
  4. Check the box that says ‘Never send it to Spam’. You may also check other boxes to apply additional actions to these emails if you so desire (e.g. Apply Label “NYU”).
  5. Click ‘Create Filter’


  1. Go to your Inbox
  2. Near the upper-right corner of the page, click Options -> More options
  3. Under the Junk e-mail heading, click Safe and blocked senders
  4. Click Safe senders
  5. In the box marked "Sender or domain to mark safe" type "" and click Add to list
  6. Repeat for "" and ""


  1. Open your mailbox and click on Mail Options (upper right hand corner).
  2. Select Filters (bottom left corner).
  3. Click the Add link on the Filters page.
  4. Add a name for your filter (NYU)
  5. Select ‘contains’ in the From Header dropdown. Add ‘’ to the adjacent text field.
  6. Next to ‘Move the message to’, select ‘Inbox’ under the pull-down menu.
  7. Click the ‘Add Filter’ button.