Summer Living at NYU Law


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Application Fees and Deposits

  • All summer applications require a $1,000.00 deposit. 

  • Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

  • Summer housing deposits must be made online via the NYU eSuite.  To submit the deposit online, once in the NYU eSuite, applicants must click on the eDeposits tab. Step by step directions here

Payment Due Dates

  • For assignments made before May 1, 2023, the due date is May 11, 2023.
  • For assignments made after May 1, payments will be due upon receipt of the statement and within 15 days prior to arrival.
  • Residents are charged on a full-week basis (Sunday - Saturday) regardless of whether they arrive later or leave earlier than the confirmed lease period.
  • Summer residents must pay all balances in full by the due date on their Bursar's statement and prior to arrival.  
  • Only those residents who have paid their balances in full will be permitted to check-in. 
  • The license binds applicants to all terms and fees regardless of whether they arrive later or leave earlier than the confirmed license period. 
  • Residents can view real-time account activity through the NYU eSuite
  • The balance due may be paid by electronic checkpersonal check, bank draft, money order, certified check, or wire transfer. Payment cannot be submitted to the Department of Residence Services. NYU does not accept credits cards. More information on this change is available on the NYU Bursar's Office website. For international applicants using Flywire, select the Initiate student account payment for tuition and fees, etc. by Flywire link and submit payment for $1,000.00. After submitting, please send an e-mail to to inform Bursar of the payment and that it is for the 2023 Summer Living in New York City program, and their office will re-code the payment as a deposit to the Summer 2023 term.