LLM Recruitment Programs

Employers interested in recruiting both Tax and Foreign-Trained LLM students can do so through our formal recruiting programs.

Recruiting Tax and International Tax LLM

Fall OCI | September - October 2022

The Fall OCI Program is the first opportunity for Tax employers to meet with LLM candidates and takes place before full-time students have completed any courses at NYU Law. Organizations that wish to review NYU academic performance as part of the recruiting process may wish to participate in spring recruiting instead.

Interviews with private sector employers are assigned through a lottery, based on students' ranked preferences

Employer Registration 

OCI Registration

Employers participating in OCI must use our on-line registration program Symplicity. If you do not yet have a Symplicity account, please create one. Upon receipt of an email that your account has been created, simply login to Symplicity to register. Since Fall and Spring OCI dates are assigned on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis, employers planning to interview during the earlier part of our program are encouraged to register at their earliest convenience.

Questions may be directed to Cassandre Stump at cassandre.stump@bambischnell.com.

Spring On Campus Interviews | January - March 2023

Spring OCI attracts large global law firms and other employers interested in hiring Tax LLM candidates for post-graduation positions. Interviews with private sector employers are assigned through a lottery, based on students' ranked preferences

Employer Registration 

  1. Go to our password-protected OCI registration site through Symplicity:
  2. Upon selecting the OCI tab on the left-hand side of the page, click the Schedule Request button.
  3. Click on the Request Schedule button and follow the steps to submit your request.

Please complete the on-line registration at least four weeks prior to your intended visit.

LLM Taxation Interview Program Job Fair

This consortium program will be held in Washington, DC, on February 24, 2023, and provides opportunities for Tax and International Tax LLM students to interview with potential employers. This program is 100% pre-screened.  Please contact the Office of Career Services for more information or write to law.ocs.llm@bambischnell.com.

Recruiting Foreign-Trained LLM Students

See our Employer Recruiting Guidelines/Timing (PDF 197 KB) and Spring 2022 Employer Programming (WORD: 79 KB).


The Office of Career Services provides reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities. Requests for accommodations for events and services should be submitted at least two weeks before the date of the accommodation need. Please email law.careers@bambischnell.com or call 212-998-6090 for further assistance.