Criminal Justice

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Throughout the year, NYU Law’s centers host lectures, conferences, and workshops and publish reports that contribute to some of the most urgent discussions surrounding criminal justice today. Students interested in constitutional rights, corporate misconduct, prosecution, national security, and other areas that intersect with criminal law have the opportunity to hear from and meet with legal academics, practitioners, and members of private and public institutions whose decisions impact the field:

The Brennan Center for Justice is a nonpartisan law and policy institute that seeks to improve our systems of democracy and justice.

The Peter L. Zimroth Center on the Administration of Criminal Law analyzes important issues of criminal law, particularly focusing on prosecutorial power and discretion. It pursues this mission in three main arenas: academia, the courts, and public policy debates. 

The Criminal Justice Lab aims to provide the resources and expertise necessary to support the development of a bold, 21st Century model for criminal justice that can dramatically reduce both crime and incarceration in our lifetimes. We take a systemic and interdisciplinary approach to the problem—integrating siloed sectors of the criminal justice system as well as health, education, and housing systems, to identify the most effective methods to increase public safety. We leverage data, analytics, and technology for the development of tools that can empower communities and government to achieve equitable public safety and justice.

The Reiss Center on Law and Security is a non-partisan multidisciplinary research institute established in 2003 to focus on cultivating an informed dialogue and conducting groundbreaking research on the vital legal, policy, and strategic questions that will shape the national security field for years to come.

Just Security is an online forum for the rigorous analysis of US national security law and policy that aims to promote principled and pragmatic solutions to national security problems that decision-makers face.

The Policing Project is dedicated to strengthening policing through democratic governance. It is working with criminal justice experts, community members, the police, and many others to write model rules and policies for policing.

The Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement is a law and policy program dedicated to developing a richer and deeper understanding of the causes of corporate misconduct and the nature of effective enforcement and compliance.