Corporate & Commercial Law

Student Opportunities

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At NYU Law, students are encouraged to take advantage of all the Law School has to offer, from working directly with faculty on their research, to getting involved with our centers, to participating in clinics and student organizations. Students seeking career opportunities should consult with the Office of Career Services, which offers recruiting programs, panels and workshops, practice interview programs, and individual counseling sessions, for help throughout the search. The Judicial Clerkship Office can help, too, if you are interested in working in a speciality court that focuses on corporate and commercial law. Here are some further opportunities for those specifically interested in this area of study:


Business-related clinics include the Business Law Transactions Clinic and the International Transactions Clinic (for JDs and LLMs).

Student Groups

Student groups include the JD/MBA Association, the Law & Business Association, and the Social Enterprise & Startup Law Group.


Pollack Center for Law & Business Research Fellowships
Both graduates and current students can find a range of opportunities to pursue their research interests with the Pollack Center for Law & Business. These include the Wagner Fellowship in Law & Business, a Professional Fellowship in Law & Business, the Post-Graduate Fellowship in Law & Business, and fellowships for current students.

Program on Corporate Compliance Enforcement Fellowship
These fellowships are awarded to students who are strongly interested in in-depth research on corporate crime or securities fraud.

Judge John J. Galgay Fellowships in Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law
Fellows clerk full-time during the summer months for a United States Bankruptcy Judge, engage in a research and writing project during the following academic year, and are provided opportunities to observe courtroom proceedings, meet with practitioners and gain insights into the practice of bankruptcy and reorganization law.

Lawrence Lederman Fellowship in Law and Economics
This program aims to foster student research in law & economics and to create an environment that fosters collaboration among students and faculty interested in law & economics. Fellows receive a $5,000 fellowship to write a research paper under the close supervision of a faculty member.

Law and Economics Fellowships
The Center for Law, Economics, and Organization has a post-graduate fellowship for students who have either obtained a JD or have obtained or nearly obtained PhD in Economics and have a strong interest in law. These fellowships are designed to support future legal academics interested in law and economics, broadly defined.

Mitchell Jacobson Leadership Program in Law & Business
The fast-paced, multi-jurisdictional world of enterprise increasingly demands professionals with both legal and business skills. This program places students showing exceptional promise at the forefront of this convergence. The program is addressed to those students who aspire to a non-traditional career path that requires intensive training grounded in legal and business curricula. Graduates of the program will be equipped with the professional training that will enable them to take on leadership roles here and around the world.

NYU Fellowships in Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
These fellowships promote research and curriculum development in subjects related to legal issues in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Reynolds Foundation Graduate Fellowship in Social Entrepreneurship
The fellowship program includes $25,000 for each of two years of study and an intensive two-year curricular and co-curricular program designed to help prepare fellows to be the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

Graduate Degrees

NYU Law offers LLM degrees in Corporation Law and International Business Regulation, Litigation, and Arbitration.

Other Opportunities

The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital program (formerly the Venture Fund) empowers selected student and alumni entrepreneurs with summer grants, summer internships, and equity investments.